MERGO project involves the application of innovative technologies in the digital era. Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) empower collaboration, learning, and decision making through digital technology while taking advantage of our human ability to grasp and manipulate physical objects and explore with the senses, also including the sense of smell. This last feature becomes relevant in wine tasting sector: to train own olfactory sense supported by an ICT-system, driven by adaptive tutor systems (ATS) can entail wine olfactory skill recognition supporting the students personalization of the learning speed. TUIs are also naturally inclusive for their multisensory approach.

In this view, MERGO project meets the specific priority of the Agency “Promote a strategic use of the new technologies, in line with the “An Agenda for the modernisation of higher education”. MERGO aims to proceed towards smart, sustainable and inclusive European HE, preparing a ground for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial knowledge-based economy that adhere in a strategic sector for the EU as the wine sector where the European countries has an historical leadership that could be maintained proposing an high level of innovation “Ensuring higher education institutions contribute to regional innovation”.

MERGO aims to support localities and regions to increase innovation by building links between activities in HEIs, companies and associations. The perspective of MERGO project is to boost a future capacity for innovation with new pedagogical practices for HEIs, that fully embracing their role within the knowledge triangle, alongside business and non-university organisations applying a co-creation approach.