Vignerons Bio De Nouvelle-Aquitaine (VBNA)

Vignerons Bio Nouvelle-Aquitaine brings together more than 200 organic and biodynamic winemakers from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

What binds us is the desire to sustain an Organic Agriculture that is certified, plural and economically viable.
Organic farming is a specific farming method that requires practices that respect ecological balances and farmers’ autonomy.
Our main missions are winemakers representation, collective image promotion, technical and economic development, wine quality improvement.




Laurent CASSY
winemaker and cereal farmer in Morizès (Gironde, France) and president of Vignerons Bio Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Stéphane BECQUET
animator for Vignerons Bio Nouvelle-Aquitaine, specialist of organic oenology, regulation and research programs
project manager in charge of economy and research programs